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Welcome to Classic Cars Auctions. This website is aimed at providing your car dealership business with the highest quality leads in your area! Everyone knows that the higher you are listed in google for a certain term increases the amount of visitors that you receive and thus the amount of leads and ultimately the number

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of sales. We know that high quality leads are important which is why we aim to be in the best positions for the highest converting keywords in google, laser targeted to your local area.

If you have any questions or wish to rent one of our pages to receive all of its leads, please feel free to contact us on and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Some people believe that buying a used car in Warrington isn’t worth it because you will ultimately end up having to pay more out than the difference is worth. So is this true? No, its not, however you will obviously be paying more than an average brand new car holder would pay and heres why.

Most new cars or finance deals offer some sort of servicing plan meaning that the consumables are covered as part of the deal. Add this to the warranty that most new motor deals have and you have barely any extra outgoings for your car. Sounds like a used car in Warrington is sounding like its a bad idea right? False.

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Petrol cars these days are built to withstand around 100,000 and diesels around 180,000 before having any huge costly issues. On average, the price of any issues and servicing doesn’t even make up half of the initial depreciation you would lose on a brand new car, making buying a used car in Warrington the much cheaper option in the long run.

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